Tactical Gear

Roy's Gunworks focuses on providing firearms to our customers who choose to be responsibly armed.  Since we don't provide the myriad of accessories that go with the armed lifestyle, we are proud to point you to partners who primarily deal in tactical gear and who share our values of faith, integrity, and customer service.


Stallion Tactical is a provider of quality ammunition and tactical gear, supplies, and equipment. We cater to the Sporting Goods and Law Enforcement markets across a range of business and retail customers including firearms dealers and retailers, police departments, and security services. Through stalliontactical.com, retail customers can find quality products for competitive prices.


Established in 2013, Stallion Tactical was born out of a love for the 2nd Amendment, an appreciation for the greatness that is the American Experiment, and gratitude to God that we live in a country where any of this is even possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality ammunition and tactical supplies to like-minded, freedom-loving men and women exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Just as important, Stallion Tactical is honored to provide these same products at discount prices to those who defend, protect, and enforce not only our 2nd Amendment rights but all our rights under the Constitution.

Check us out www.stalliontactical.com and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

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