Roy's Gunworks

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Charlestown, IN US


The mission of Roy's Gunworks is to assist the responsibly armed citizen in self protection, the protection of family and the security of the home.

Company Overview

A few years ago, the Lord put on my heart the need for Fathers and Mothers, in partnership, to not only be the spiritual and moral guides for the home but to also be the protectors of their family. Most parents are unprepared!

The times are getting more intense and if we truly love our family, we need to be prepared to defend them. 

Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 22:36 " . . . and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." I believe this is a word for us today in our world of ever increasing danger. 

To that end, Roy's Gunworks was created to Inform and Assist people in taking ownership of their own and their family's protection and safety by becoming Responsibly Armed Citizens who are capable of detecting, avoiding and if necessary defending against life threatening acts of aggression.

Stay tuned as we grow this dream into reality.


Roy's Gunworks is located in Charlestown, Indiana. We are working toward the day when we can provide a complete range of services from sales and service to personal protective training. Until then, we will operate via internet, Facebook, telephone and email.
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